A Ronnie B Exclusive Network

get currency

To join CreativCurrency, contact The Mint to see if Ronnie B or another member has coins available and tell them what you bring to the table. CreativCurrency is an exclusive network that requires and provides for curated, authentic opportunities for relationship building and knowledge sharing. As such, members must be equally authentic in their desire to build relationships and share their wealth of knowledge.

types of members

CreativCurrency is limited to 150 coins in circulation throughout the Bay Area. Ronnie B has a select set of Currency to give out to potential members and partners and has also given Currency to various foundational professionals in the area to pass on as they see fit.

Becoming a Minter

Minters are limited to individuals who want to become active financial and strategic partners in the curation of Vault Events. Minters plan, organize, and pay for Vault Events to help all members explore passion and create value.

Becoming a Currency Member

Currency Members are professionals who use the talents and skills of creative professionals to achieve their goals at work. There is no single industry or department that is represented among Currency Members. Currency Members are on people teams, product teams, and marketing teams; they're in tech, legal, and construction fields, and they all have in common the need to build relationships with creative talent to help them succeed. 

Becoming a CreativPartner

CreativCurrency is about sharing and adding value. That is especially driven by the professionals that offer solutions to challenges and needs of Currency Members. CreativPartners are people willing to offer their services, time, and expertise not only for hire to member companies, but as field-experts during informative Vault Events. 

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