A Ronnie B Exclusive Network

Explore Passion, Create Value

CreativCurrency is an exclusive network of individuals who have or hire creative skills and talents. Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, the network is currently limited to 150 individuals who attend, create, and drive a series of curated networking events throughout the region that focus on building authentic relationships and sharing creative field expertise with members.

the currency

Value and creativity are things both tangible and intangible.

To gain access to Vault Events & signify a place among Currency Members, The Currency is a tangible, fungible expression of the wealth and value of knowledge each member shares with either their presence at events or by passing The Currency along to someone they think will bring value to members.

the value

Currency is your key to a new kind of network founded on authentic opportunities to meet other professionals and service providers. Currency grants you free and exclusive access to enjoyable, intimate, and low-key Vault Events throughout the Bay Area such as food, spirit and wine tastings, all-inclusive happy hours, moderated round table discussions with members, various industry leaders, and more.

All Currency holders also receive exclusive discounts on services from CreativPartners and a generous discount on services from Ronnie B Consulting.

The coin

Members must show their Currency coins to gain access to Vault Events or receive perks and discounts from CreativPartners. 


On the front of Currency coins, you'll find Ronnie's Maze; a winnable, visual metaphor for the creative process. 

If you're so inclined, venture into the maze at numerous points of entry. You'll travel throughout the entire field avoiding traps and feeling like you're getting close to your goal but being forced to sometimes move further away to ultimately reach it.


On the back, you'll find two descriptions of the types of people that make up the network.

You have creativ currency. Your world is the realm of things inspiring, innovative, and attractive. You're an identifier of stories and concepts, a verbal or visual artist who projects life and beauty to a page or screen.

You are creativ currency. You explore passions, substance, and ideas with those who do the same. You are both a feature and creator of culture, engaging, sincere, and generous as you inject life into a room unselfishly.

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